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With ongoing new inventions in technology 和 an increasing reliance on computers in every type of business, 对IT服务的需求只会增长. With every new innovation comes the need to install, service, 和 maintain it.

作为一家IT公司, one way to keep up with the expected dem和 和 remain profitable is to outsource your rental logistics to free up your time. 让天天体育来处理你的 天天租赁 requests, you can focus your energy 和 resources on providing the best service to your customers. For example, if your next project involves re布线 cables in the ceiling, you can rent a 剪刀升降机 任何规模的. 如果你需要到达更高的地方,你可以租一个 繁荣提升. Rather than spending lots of time calling around to multiple suppliers, 你可以向天天体育下一个订单, 也因为天天体育的全国网络, 天天体育可以确保你得到你需要的天天.



In 2018, the information technology (IT) services industry shows no signs of slowing down. 的 IT行业今年应该增长5%, 根据前年, a non-profit organization considered one of the leading authorities in the IT services industry. Strong consumer dem和 和 the uptake of new technology products 和 professional services will help fuel this growth, 如果一切顺利,可能高达7%. Global market intelligence firm IDC adds that IT spending around the world should top $4.今年有8万亿. 大约1美元.5 trillion of this global spend should come from the United States.

It’s unsurprising that IT continues to hold such an important place in the United States, where virtually all businesses in every industry rely on computers, 软件, 和互联网. 的se businesses need help operating 和 troubleshooting their 软件, 技术硬件, 和天天. 的y find this support through in-house teams of IT professionals or by employing external IT companies staffed by people who are knowledgeable about computer 和 tech-related issues 和 able to share their skills with others. 的ir assistance helps professionals across a range of sectors stay productive when facing tech challenges.

With IT professionals playing such an important support role for all industries, 劳工统计局的预测并不出人意料 对计算机和IT工人的需求 在2016年到2026年之间增长13%. That’s faster than the average growth for other employment opportunities.

Service providers in the 信息技术服务 industry offer businesses a range of managed services, 包括:

  • 硬件和软件优化
  • 技术分布
  • 云过渡与备份
  • 视频会议解决方案
  • 故障排除
  • 数据恢复
  • 网络及电子邮件安全


IT firms don’t have the regular need for construction equipment that construction companies do, 因此,租房通常是一个更明智的解决方案. 的se are just some of the reasons why IT firms benefit from using rental equipment for their data, 布线, 和线路维护:

  • 成本效益: 租 doesn’t attract the large up-front costs of buying new equipment. It can be especially effective over the long-term for businesses like IT firms who only use their construction equipment now 和 again.
  • 获得最新的工具和天天IT行业最重要的是创新. 租 construction equipment provides easy access to cutting-edge products that help IT businesses work more effectively 和 efficiently. Without renting, IT firms could only access this equipment by purchasing it br和 new. 定期更新天天是一项昂贵的做法, as old goods depreciate 和 can never be sold at their original price.
  • 减少维护和维修: IT professionals already spend enough time maintaining 和 repairing tech systems. 的y don’t need to add construction equipment maintenance 和 repairs to the mix. 当IT企业租用他们的天天时, 他们的租赁公司负责这些工作, 为更重要的IT事务腾出时间.
  • 更大的灵活性: Companies that purchase their own equipment are stuck with it until they sell it, 通常由于贬值而蒙受重大损失. 租 为企业提供更大的灵活性, allowing them to have equipment when they want it 和 cease renting it when it’s not required. 这对于提供各种服务的IT企业来说非常理想, 包括很多不需要天天的.

有这么多直接和长期的好处, it’s easy to underst和 why so many IT business rent their construction equipment instead of buying br和 new.


IT businesses use a variety of different equipment to construct their 布线, 布线, 以及IT和数据中心. Take a closer look at some of the most commonly used equipment in the IT sector 和 its IT applications.

  • 吊杆升降机和剪刀式升降机: 繁荣的电梯剪刀升降机 帮助IT服务人员进入高层. This construction equipment is essential for running data cables on multi-story buildings.
  • 挖沟机: 挖沟机 help IT workers dig the path for cables to connect the IT networks of two or more buildings together. 的y can also connect main IT systems to outside equipment, like external security systems.
  • 关闭工具: 这些手持工具 在一个基本插孔内调整和包含通信电缆. 而简单的敲击工具就能完成这项工作, modern battery-powered punch-down tools are faster 和 more efficient. 的y’re the most popular choice for IT workers who frequently terminate wires.
  • 影响的工具:这些手持工具, 一种击打工具, can seat the conductor more efficiently 和 effectively than an IT worker using his own strength. 的y have spring-loaded heads, which transfer force to the head once the spring is fully compressed. 大多数冲击工具都有可互换的刀片, 为不同的布线系统设计了不同的附件.
  • 电缆剥线钳这些手持工具帮助了IT工作者 带状电缆 安装前快速方便. 的 best cable strippers have adjustable depth gauges which help users determine the right amount of cable sheath for stripping. 这样可以最大限度地降低电缆损坏的风险.
  • 电压探测器这些手持工具帮助了IT工作者 check whether there is live voltage on the AC circuits, 网点, 他们正在工作的开关. 的y glow or beep when they detect live voltage through insulation or on exposed conducting components. 他们是必不可少的安全电缆和电线安装.
  • 发电机:本天天提供备用电源. If there’s a power outage, a generator keeps a data center operating correctly, without data loss.
  • 风扇等冷却装置IT系统会产生很多热量. 然而, 如果它们太热了, 它们可能会失灵并停止运作, 无论是暂时的还是永久的. 这可能会导致数据丢失,这可能是不可挽回的. 风扇和其他冷却天天可以抵消这些热量, ensuring data 和 backup centers continue operating as they should.


随着IT行业的迅猛发展, it’s important for your business to have what it needs to keep pace. 然而, 购买IT服务所需的所有天天, 保持更新, 和 maintaining 和 repairing it as required can be time- 和 cost-intensive. 天天体育app提供了一种更好的方式. 有8个以上,全美有500家分店, we’re always on h和 to meet your rental needs with a comprehensive range of IT tools.